Join Us!

Hey! Glad to hear you’d like to work with us! We don’t actually don’t do job listings – partly because we’re still a really small company, and partly because we’re looking for someone a bit more than a job-shaped cog. After all, everyone who joins us becomes an equal owner in the company, so adding new members is something we do slowly, and take quite a bit of time with.

Joining We Animate Things is actually a really big deal, and we want you to know what you’re getting into. Equal ownership doesn’t just mean you get more money when we do good work – though I mean, you will (and we’ll be funding your internal retirement account with some of that as well). But a lot of responsibility comes with being a member-owner. You’ll be making decisions – sometimes as often as every day – that affect how the company behaves. And with member-ownership, you’ll ultimately be directing your own work and figuring out how that fits with what your peers are up to, and how to help achieve the commitments you and the rest of the company have made with clients and other businesses. It’s not just drawing what you’re told every day! Someone may be a character designer one day, an animator another, and helping run working groups or committees in the spaces in between!

Needless to say, we’d like to think membership in We Animate Things is a bit more than just another job in your life too. We’re hoping to be able to be your forever-career, and be the sort of people you’d like to hang out with outside work too.

We’d still love to hear from you though! Drop us a note on the contact page, or find any of our crew online or on social media, and get to know us! Our hope is that everyone who can work with us eventually does, but we can only add people who fit our needs at any given moment.